Hi! I am Joyce

Our Alzheimers Journey connection would like to invite each of you who have a loved one, family member, friends or neighbors to our blog. My husband started this blog to try in some small way to help others who are experiencing a journey like ours.  So the  remaining episodes will be written by him in the first person. 

A blogger I am not, but in trying to continue to deal with my personal journey I decided to share that journey with each of you. Hopefully as I become more experienced at this, my writing will become more coherent and informative.

I have spent the last 11 years coping or at the very least trying to cope with my wife of 52 years dementia/alzheimers. This blog is intented to provide you with my personal journey, my wife's personal journey, our personal journey. I will try and inform about the myriad of truths, half truths and what I have learned over the past 11 years. You will not get a magic answer here. As a caregiver you will all experience difficult heartbreaking days along with those wonderful heartfelt days of joy.

My realization came early on. However, I did not and would not understand, or even accept what lay ahead for both of us.