Finally we begin

Hello everyone. Sorry that I have taken so long to start my blog. No excuses.

Today I continue our story. In 2008, I retired and became a homebody. Since I am a person that needs to have something to do, I started an Antique business. We began to go to auctions, estate sales, garage sales and antique fairs. Joyce surprised me with her innate ability to pick items that would have resale value and appeal to a widespread demographic audience. However, it was at that time that I began to really notice changes in Joyce. Subtle things like asking me the same question several times a day. As I stated previously, “Just ageing”.

In the early part of 2009, we went to her primary care physician for a routine checkup and she recommended that we visit with a neurologist that specialized in dementia. Several tests were done and the neurologist believed that it may be more than just ageing. In addition, her mother, and two sisters had been diagnosed with alzheimers so the medical history also indicated dementia.

Joyce had also noticed there was a problem. She realized that something was wrong. She would say “There is something wrong with me. I think I have alzheimers”. I would tell her she was ok not understanding what she must have been feeling. The inability to control thought was foreign to me. Today I realize how stupid I was. I didn’t want to admit that here was a long term problem that I had to deal with myself and most importantly help Joyce. Doctors were little to no help and the amount of internet information was limited as were support groups.

Then in late 2009 Joyce was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even today I cannot imagine what she must have felt. Just the thought of having cancer would have been enough but to not be able to fully understand what would need to be done must have been devastating to someone that had always been a private person.